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Measuring Hedge Effectiveness

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A financial hedge is an instrument used to reduce the risk of severe price changes of an underlying product. Hedging is the act of taking an offsetting position in a related product, thereby minimizing risk exposure. Hedges come in many forms, such as insurance policies, forward contracts, options, swaps and futures. While hedges such as futures and options can reduce risk, organisations have to measure hedge effectiveness in accordance with accounting standards before determining the level of risk eliminated. Read More»

Reasons Why You Should Be Using a Financial Advisor

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While past generations could rely on company pensions and guaranteed lifetime income in retirement, the current crop of workers does not have that luxury. For workers who know how to make the most of their investments, this shift can be a good thing, but for those who lack investment prowess, the results of a lifetime of saving can be quite disappointing. If you are trying to make sense of your investments and build for the future, there are plenty of reasons to work with a financial advisor. Read More»

Managing and Promoting Business Growth through Good Insurance Practices

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There are numerous steps that you can take to prevent mishaps in your business and commercial premises. However, risk, though it is unpleasant to consider, is an inherent part of general business ownership. Therefore, if you would like to ensure future growth of your establishment, you must account for the possible risks and choose ways to handle them. The best way to mitigate and manage the negative impact of risks is to purchase insurance policies. Read More»